Friday, 23 November 2012

Catering To the Needs of the Automobile of the Future

Mazda's possible new automobile will be an immense opportunity for supply chain companies. 
Japanese automotive manufacturer Mazda may be given a new automobile that is futuristic in every sense. The company has sponsored the CU-ICAR programme at Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, South Carolina, USA. The students at the university have designed an automobile that Mazda would be willing to buy after graduation. Its specifications had to be based on market research and the car should be practical for production.
The car is about as tall as a Mazda RX-8 and as wide as Chevrolet Camaro. It is a hybrid powertrain with three seats at the front and rear. It has a tailgate style rear hatch, and also has sound systems in the interior and exterior of the car.
If and when Mazda decides to accept this automobile for full-scale production, its success will depend on Mazda's ability to source the right components to create the vehicle. Fortunately, Mazda can turn to one of the best names in the supply chain management industry.
Tata Autocomp Systems LTD. (TACOSCM) is a single window supplier of automotive components and assemblies. We provide quality components under various product groups to global customers. We cater to the varied requirements of customers in USA, Europe, and South East Asia.
We pride ourselves on being one of the best global sourcing companies in India. Our core automotive team specializes in catering to the demands of global OEMs in the Tier-1 and Tier-2 categories. We are able to fulfil their requirements thanks to our rich knowledge and experience. While our primary work is into component sourcing, we also offer supplier quality services, packaging services, & logistic services.
TACOSCM delivers quality sourcing solutions from India. We source a variety of proprietary products. Our range of products includes:

·        Aluminium Machined Castings
·        Investment Casting
·        Sheet Metal Stampings and Assemblies
·        Ferrous Machined Castings
·        Machined Forgings
·        Bar Turned and Machined Parts

To help our clients through the Product Development Process, we provide programme management solutions. We take care of all processes such as quality management, quality control & inspection, PPAP/APQP preparation, complaint handling through 8d methodology, logistics management, supplier audits, and export packaging.

TACOSCM's success is dependent on the quality of the products that are delivered to clients. We can deliver the products to warehouses, manufacturing facility, or even the logistics provider. We also provide warehousing facilities near your manufacturing location to ease the process of product delivery.

We use the best resources to provide excellent supply chain management services. Enhancing your sourcing processes will be easy when you work with TACOSCM.