Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Supply Chain Management for 2013

Companies are realizing that supply chain management is perhaps the best option for expanding businesses, reducing costs, and increasing profitability.
In 2013, more companies seem to be embracing the concept of logistics and supply chain management in India. This trend has been substantiated by a global report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers titled Next-Generation Supply Chains-Efficient, Fast And Tailored. The report elaborates on how successful supply chain management can help companies to increase profits along with positive customer relationships.
The trends that are being seen in Indian industries today is that companies are regaining control over principal functions such as planning and procurement, product development, and sales. To manage profitability and reduce costs, organizations are outsourcing noncore aspects such as logistics, supply chain management, and product delivery.
Organizations are working with companies that can provide supply chain solutions in India for inventory management, vendor sourcing, and best product sourcing capabilities. Among the many sought after companies, one company that organizations are turning to is Tata Autocomp Systems LTD. (TACOSCM).
TACOSCM is one of the premier supply chain management companies in India. We provide an array of components and assemblies under various product groups for global customers.
We cater to the requirements of our customers in countries around the world, including the United States, Europe, and South East Asia. Among our varied services, we offer sourcing, supplier quality, logistics, and packaging services to our customers.
TACOSCM caters to global automotive OEMs in the Tier 1 and Tier sectors. We supply a range of components and system assemblies from low cost countries. We take complete responsibility of the QCD process and provide a range quality products, including:
·        Aluminium Machined Castings
·        Investment Casting
·        Sheet Metal Stampings and Assemblies
·        Proprietary Products
·        Ferrous Machined Castings
·        Machined Forgings
·        Bar Turned and Machined Parts

We provide the following services for sourcing management:
·        Sourcing Strategy
·        Spend Analysis
·        Supplier Identification
·        Supplier Evaluation and Improvement
·        Negotiation and Contract Finalization
·        Supplier Integration
·        Order Fulfilment
·        Regular Monitoring

TACOSCM's network comprises the most experienced professionals in the supply chain industry, who are specialists in functions such as product feasibility, third party inspection, program management, and supplier evaluation. Our quality service includes supplier quality audits and systems. We perform advance quality planning, which adhere to APQP procedures. We also train suppliers to source components of the best quality for our customers.

The supply chain industry can provide holistic solutions for today's volatile product demands and rapid business changes. Organizations can work towards expanding their business more easily with the knowledge of the support of strong supply chain management service providers.